PROBAC Biologicals - Cleaning the way Nature intended

It is now common knowledge that the chemicals found in most house hold cleaning products are not a great idea when it comes to your family’s safety and well being. Imagine the potentially dreadful outcome if your toddler were to get hold of a bottle of bleach! It is easy to be horrified by the catastrophic potential of a child playing with dangerous chemicals, but research is showing that exposing your family and pets to the long term dangerous side effects of cleaning chemicals can be equally horrifying! From a human health perspective, most of us are becoming more aware of the cancer risks, endocrine disruption and toxicity that may results from their use.

But then what options do we have? Up till now only chemicals are capable of cleaning properly. “Green” alternative products are usually not only pricey but struggle to get the job done. Fortunately, technology has continued its relentless march forward and we now do have an amazing alternative.

Biological cleaners tick all the boxes. They are cost effective and priced very similarly to traditional cleaning detergents. They are easy to use and the cleaning experience will be very familiar. They go beyond being environmentally friendly. They are actually environmentally beneficial, meaning they improve the health and stability of any environment in which they are used. They are also completely safe. The bacteria used are Class (A) Microorganisms (same as medicinal probiotics) and cannot harm any living creature on this planet. There is no health risk to your family however sensible efforts to keep out of reach of children is advised. Most importantly they clean incredibly well. Their cleaning power far exceeds that of traditional chemical cleaners. Sound amazing? It is. Here is how biological cleaners work.

Biological cleaners use bacteria to clean. This concept may shock your sensibilities to some degree, due to decades of fear inducing marketing messages. Take a moment to reboot your brain: Have you taken prescribed probiotics, eaten yoghurt and fermented foods? These are healthy only because they supplement and stabilize the bacteria in your digestive system and improve digestive health, combat obesity and strengthen the immune system, thereby offering the best defense in warding off opportunistic diseases. Biological cleaners work the same way. Most household ‘dirt’ is made up of organic stains and spills, and oil molecules from cooking that settle on surfaces. This ‘dirt’ is a food source for unwanted bacteria which also produce bad odours as a by-product of their life-cycle. Biological cleaners introduce “good” bacteria to the situation. These good guys move in, overwhelm and eradicate the unwanted bacteria, creating long-term sustainable microbial stability and odour control on the one hand, while also hydrolyzing (biodegrading) ‘dirt’ – leaving microscopically deep cleaned, safe and healthy surfaces.

Basically you can now biodegrade your own dirt in your home and workplace in the process of cleaning, eliminating chemicals entirely from the whole equation. Also, Biological Cleaners are perfectly suitable for septic tanks and grey water systems, optimising rather than causing stress in these systems from chemical detergent use. Biological Cleaners brings the whole biodegradation process forward, cleaning the way nature intended, only a million times faster – a force multiplier of natural cleaning power, and finally, the sought-after harmony between Mother Nature and the Human Element.


 Traditional chemical detergents, whether just downright nasty or of the environmentally friendly variety, share one specific function: - which is to transfer dirt from one place to another – basically ‘lift and shift’, which is all that chemical detergents can do. The problem for the environment is that it still needs to biodegrade the dirt from our homes and businesses AS WELL AS THE CHEMICALS USED. With the volumes of bacteria killing chemicals used and flushed into the environment, natural biodegradation of the dirt and chemicals fails, resulting in pervasive pollution and toxic ecosystems along our streams, rivers, wetlands and even our oceans.


Not to be confused with biodegradable, eco-friendly and natural/organic cleaning CHEMICALS –Biological Cleaners offer a cleaning methodology that is uniquely natural in its composition, and additionally specifically green in the process in which it works. It goes beyond being environmentally friendly, it is environmentally beneficial.

The words ‘technologically advanced’ and ‘revolutionary’ are in such common use that many of us hardly take notice any more. But finally, we have a new technology that is worthy of such praise. Biological cleaners have the potential to bring about a mass culture shift of epic proportions. A technology that really cleans, resolves a major element of environmental pollution, and has a major positive impact on human health. At last there is an effective alternative to traditional chemical cleaners; - A cleaning system designed and endorsed by nature, that places traditional cleaning detergents in the dustbin of history for once and for all.

Where can I get it?

There is currently only one Biological Cleaning brand called PROBAC. Head over to where you can buy it online or just find out more. If online shopping is not your thing then you can find PROBAC in retail supermarkets Pick n Pay (national), Checkers (KZN, EC, and WC), and most Super Spars. PROBAC is made in South Africa and offers excellent value, effectiveness, safety and the ability to clean the way nature intended.