The world’s most advanced cleaning technology from an environmental and human health perspective 

The core technology is based around a group of harmless bacteria that you will find in nature – the same that biodegrade our dirt and waste that we flush away WITH chemicals. Why not give Nature a hand by actively biodegrading your own dirt, in your home, as you clean – eliminating chemicals in the process.

Since the invention of soaps, we have been using chemicals and detergents to clean our homes and businesses, the mechanical process of which is to simply lift up dirt and shift it into the environment along with the chemicals used. The result is pervasive pollution of our waterways, rivers, wetlands and oceans.

Nature simply cannot cope with the waste-load and the prohibitive nature of chemicals which inhibit biodegradation. Natural processing of our domestic and business dirt is ‘defeated’ by the massive volumes of bacteria-killing disinfectants and toxic chemicals we have been using up till now.

Apart from being wholly unsustainable, the direct impact is the wholesale extinction of aquatic species, endocrine and hormone disruption, food chain disruption, - all culminating in dead zones off our coastlines where nothing lives.

The perfect solution exists in a cleaning technology supplied by Mother Nature herself. We have discovered and harnessed the specific beneficial bacteria that Nature uses to biodegrade various classes of organic dirt, and we grow these in massive concentrations, bottled in an application specific cleaning range, which allows us to biodegrade our own dirt, clean drains, treat septic tanks and grey water, even cleaning our dishes and laundry.  No more chemicals. USE LESS WATER.

 Available in leading Supermarkets and Online www.probac.co.za