PROBAC Septic Systems
PROBAC Septic Systems
PROBAC Septic Systems

PROBAC Septic Systems

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PROBAC Septic Systems gives you a cutting-edge natural clean for a natural home.

PROBAC Septic Systems is packed with powerful beneficial bacteria that optimises Septic Tank biological activity so that the system works super efficiently. Suitable for accelerated biodegradation and exceptional odour control in Septic Tanks, Pit Latrines, Bio-digesters and Portable Toilets.

How to use:

SEPTIC TANKS: Pour 1 L into toilet closest to the Septic Tank and flush to system. Treat with 1 L every 1 - 3 months depending on waste-load and construction type variables.

PIT LATRINES: Mix 1 L with 4 L warm water (not hot) and pour down the sides and into Pit Latrine. Maintain with 1 L per 1 - 3 months. High volume communal Pit Latrines may require weekly dosing.

PORTABLE TOILETS: Pour 1 L directly into chamber and cover solids with water.

Correct diluting:

PROBAC Septic Systems is an in-use concentrate.


Data Sheet:

See Data Sheet HERE