About us

The story behind PROBAC Biologicals started well over a decade ago as a controversial whisper –

Using bacteria to clean’.

When we first realised that there were so many more people who were thinking about the environment and the cleaning products they were using, we saw an opportunity to make a real and meaningful contribution. We also saw an opportunity to turn it into a conversation.

Everyone thought we were mad, especially the notoriously difficult chemical industry that we were going up against, who are mostly invested in combating all bacteria as a function of cleaning.

PROBAC persevered and has since become a well established retail and commercial brand on the back of three basic principles: -

  1. PROBAC technology makes sense (mimics natural process of biodegradation)
  2. PROBAC cleans brilliantly (sustained residual deep cleaning)
  3. PROBAC “DOESN’T COST THE EARTH®” (GOOD for the planet and your pocket)

PROBAC credibility for innovation in probiotic cleaning is now securely entrenched and leading to compounded growth with new players entering the market across all sectors.

Internationally, PROBAC cleaning technology is now being widely considered in scientific circles as the world’s most advanced. Not just another environmentally friendly cleaning chemical, but a distinctive novel technology shift, - one that is widely deemed to be supremely good and healthy for people, animals and our beleaguered environment.

PROBAC was the first retail line of products that has been developed specifically to nurture the good bacteria on surfaces in our homes and businesses, which also primarily serve as the actual cleaning agent, and as a replacement for traditional harsh cleaning chemicals.

The core product, the core technology, is based around a group of harmless bacteria that you will find in nature – the same that biodegrade our dirt and waste, and even chemicals, which we flush into the wastewater stream, rivers and oceans.

Every time we use a chemical based detergent or disinfectant, (besides the negative impact on human health and the environment), we also disrupt the healthy balance, or sustainable microbial stability, by killing the good bacteria that normally competes against the bad bacteria and keeps them suppressed.

PROBAC simply brings the process of biodegradation forward, - a concentrated ‘force multiplier’, - allowing us to do the work of nature in our homes and businesses. PROBAC biodegrades our own dirt and waste ‘in the process of cleaning’ – eliminating those nasty chemicals from the whole equation as well.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? This is purely cleaning the way nature intended.

We believe that homes and even hospitals, as well as people and animals are far healthier under conditions of sustainable probiotic stability. PROBAC achieves this through the purposeful use of good bacteria for cleaning, odour control and eradication of unwanted harmful bacteria.

We really need to rethink what ‘clean’ means. For a long time we have believed that clean is ‘sterile’, and what we are learning, and what the vast majority of us have acknowledged, is that sterile is not healthy. Not healthy for our family and pets and not healthy for the food we eat, and not healthy for our natural environment.

There is something magical about PROBAC. There is something about the way it makes perfect sense to clean with a system designed by Mother Nature - a perfectly natural symbiosis - the sought after harmonious relationship between our environment and the human element.

We want people to use good bacteria in their homes and businesses – embracing the notion of reconnecting with nature, while enjoying a superior cleaning function.

We know we are challenging people and conventional mind-sets, but for us it is a challenge well worth taking on.

We don’t view ourselves as an environmental cleaning products company, we view ourselves as a people and environment health company, - and there is a reason for that – because we fundamentally believe that there is no more natural method of cleaning and living a healthier life, in harmony with Mother Nature.

Creating a world in which our children can live.