How does PROBAC help combat Covid 19 contamination?

As per WHO directive, there are two methods for reducing risk from contamination after contact with common surfaces and objects.

For hands, an alcohol rub sanitiser of 70% alcohol, or washing vigorously with hand soap in the correct manner for 20 seconds and thorough rinse.

The virus has a bi-lipid structure and soap or alcohol destroys this lipid (fat molecule) and wipes out the virus.

This is also the case for decontamination of surfaces.

We believe that PROBAC hand soap, dish and laundry detergents, and surface cleaners may be specifically proficient at this, as lipase enzymes are present and are functionally effective in rapid degradation of lipids.

The surfactant base in the product range is predominantly an alcohol ethoxylate, which also acts as an effective destructive agent against the virus as well.

So the PROBAC technology offers two facultative pathways to combating virus contamination and infection.

The above claim is made with confidence however there is no proven scientific efficacy testing done to date with the Covid 19 virus, to support any suggestion that PROBAC is a safer or better option for hand and home hygiene.

Knowledge of the science and technology employed in PROBAC leads us to believe that PROBAC is superior from a human health and environment perspective, and superior in efficacy, under ordinary circumstances.

We believe that it is even more so, specifically in relation to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Stay safe