Why Choose PROBAC?


PROBAC Biologicals uses bacteria to clean. While this may sound a bit odd, once we rationalise this, it will make perfect sense.


Since we invented 'soap', we have made use of chemicals to 'lift and shift' dirt into the environment, followed by the chemicals used; - with the result being an overload of dirt and chemical pollution in wastewater and natural ecosystems, as well human health issues from chemical use in the home and business. Without a doubt, we have been poisoning our planet and our families with synthetic and toxic chemical compounds over the past 100 years.


Hundreds of research papers have been published documenting the results of pollution that cause the extinction of species on a daily basis, acidification and dead zones in rivers and oceans where nothing lives, and the increased prevalence of cancers and endocrine disruption in humans and animals, pointing directly at the every-day chemicals that we use in our homes and industry.


PROBAC goes right through the problem and it is from nature that we have found the solution. We have harnessed the same beneficial bacteria that nature uses to biodegrade organic waste, and we have learned how to grow them in massive concentrations, placing them exactly where they are needed - on surfaces in our homes and hospitals, in domestic and industrial waste systems, and even our laundry and dishes; - allowing us to bring the whole natural cleaning process forward, biodegrading our own dirt in our homes in the process of cleaning, eliminating chemicals entirely from the whole equation. By targeting these high concentrations of good bacteria exactly where they are needed, we achieve a force-multiplier effect of hyper-accelerated biodegradation - basically cleaning exactly the way nature does, but just a million or so times faster. MAKES SENSE doesn't it? Well, this is the main compelling reason to use this fantastic technology


  • IT MAKES BLOODY SENSE to clean exactly the way nature does - with some added scientific ingenuity of course.


The second compelling reason to use PROBAC is that it cleans brilliantly. PROBAC achieves microscopic deep cleaning, biodegrading every trace element of organic waste, with the added benefit of residual cleaning by which surfaces remain cleaner for longer due to the sustained cleaning activity of the probiotics, long after the actual cleaning process has taken place. PROBAC also displaces and banishes unwanted bacteria by 'occupying the field', removing their food source and hiding places (biofilm), and otherwise outcompeting against unwanted bacteria in a winner-takes-all scenario particular to bacterial micro-organisms (see Vaus's Law). Say goodbye to those indiscriminate disinfectants once and for all. Click here for more about PROBAC versus disinfectants.


Besides exceptional cleaning properties, PROBAC biologicals also deals with bad odours in a unique and distinctive way. PROBAC bacteria have been specifically selected for their by-product which is odorless carbon dioxide and they replace those bacteria which produce a bad smell as their by-product. The end result is no bad smells and a very pleasant home and business environment; - especially kitchen drains, carpeting and bathrooms.


The beneficial bacteria in PROBAC Biologicals are categorised as Class 1 micro-organisms and cannot harm any living creature. They can only do the job of biodegrading dead organic matter, precicely the way they exist and function in nature.


Important distinction: PROBAC Biologicals is not another biodegradable chemical, and is not deserving either of the categorisation 'Environmentally friendly'. PROBAC uniquely 'does the work of biodegrading' as its active function, and is uniquely "GOOD" for the environment. Read more about 'Green cleaning myths' here.


Lastly, and equally as compelling as 'making sense' and efficacy in cleaning; - PROBAC...DOESN'T COST THE EARTH. By this we mean that PROBAC is both GOOD for the planet and human health, and also GOOD for your pocket.


For good reason, PROBAC technology is now being widely acknowledged in scientific circles as the world's most advanced cleaning product from the perspectives of environmental and human health.


Creating a world in which our children can live!